About Us

Welcome to the Andy TV box and here we are going to introduce Andy TV Box.

Do you know about the online streaming box? Online streaming box provides you to access TV content through the internet. Andy TV is also an online streaming Box that provides you to access unlimited TV content via the internet without any extra charges.

Let’s take a look at it; we are having some belongings with it such as Andy TV remote control, HDMI cable and the power adapter. This little device will help you to convert your home TV into a smart TV with streaming access over 3000+ channels as well as apps with 4K HD quality.

So, that was the little bit information about Andy TV Box. Now go ahead to see the benefits of Andy TV box. The first question is “what is unique in this product” that comes into our mind. Although all streaming devices are same, if you see the benefits of our Andy TV Box, you definitely want to setup it with your home TV. So, now we are going to tell you the requirement of our Andy TV box.

Why we need an online streaming Box:

There are lots of reasons to buy a streaming device;

  • High TV cable bills
  • Time limitations
  • Busy schedule
  • TV cable unable fulfill all requirements
  • Streaming player provides facility to access app also any many more

So these are some reason that creates the situation to buy a streaming device. Now one more question, what streaming player should be best for us? All doubts will clear after knowing the benefits of Andy TV Box.

Our Product replacement policy:

These benefits make Andy TV Box different from other streaming devices. We are offering you the Products replacement facility within 50 days. If you are facing any difficulty or trouble within 50 days, you can replace your products instantly or return it back. Moreover, if you are finding any manufacturing issue as well as any other issue within 50 days then you can able to return or replace your Andy TV Box. You can take your money back except shipping charges.

So, that is the all about Andy TV Box. Hope you are satisfied with it and of course want to buy it as soon as possible.